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DRUPAL Website and database specialist
(Budapest, Belváros)
A full-time DRUPAL Web and Database Specialist is responsible for maintaining the organization’s website and its membership/contact database, its web interface, the interface with web transactions and software, and the quality and data integrity.
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RégióBudapest vagy környéke
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Email címjob[kukac]iota-tax[pont]org
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The Web and Database Spsecialist will develop and implement program modules, integrated web pages, database features and functionality, and will maintain records and produce reports. WDS is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database.
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  • Check the functionality of the web content and use editorial judgment to select images and video to enhance web material and make appropriate tagging of on-line information to ensure RSS feeds contain accurate links for distribution across membership.
  • Draft forms, questionnaires, any other documents related to the activities on the website.
  • Draft proposals for any amendments, development and optimisation of the website, website related products and projects. Develop ideas to expand and engage online audience. Design, implement and troubleshoot new pages, features, menus and updates to add depth, interest and interactivity.
  • Interpret user requests and requirements and give feedback/make suggestions for the optimal tools, technologies and formats to best meet their needs. Monitor and respond appropriately to e-mail queries from internal and external users of the website.
  • To ensure that Web content meets the needs and interests of website visitors, monitor visitor behaviour by reviewing website statistics. Check page popularity by the number of visitors and proposes removal of content that has low levels of interest. Encourage feedback by providing the means for visitors to leave comments.
  • Has a very pro-active project coordinator role in the website renewal project
  • maintains the
  • Ensures that data remains consistent across the database, data is clearly defined;
Establishes provision for data security and recovery control (all data is retrievable in an emergency). Mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database; Writing database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary; Controlling access permissions and privileges; Ensuring that storage and archiving procedures are functioning correctly; Capacity planning; Communicating regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security;
Required Knowledge and Expertise

Preferably university degree in IT. A minimum of three years of relevant professional experience is considered equivalent to the above requirement. Basic knowledge of online web page production including functionality of web content (links, php/​html coding, image/copy consistency, ALT text, link tags, browser page titles, and metadata) and website editing. Thorough knowledge of Drupal is a must. Basic knowledge of desktop publishing: layout, formatting, graphics, using client branding guides, editorial, proofreading, headline writing. Previous experience with an international team and/or environment is an asset. Have excellent, writing and editing skills. Have experience with website editing, web design, headline writing and content selection for web and social media software knowledge, including familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Have experience with a web-based Content Management System and application of web tools (HTML, JavaScript and CSS as well as Photoshop, InDesign, Word).
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