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Palyakezdo .Net fejleszto
Worked in IT for 6 years and transitioning to programming. Flexible, eager, and willing to learn any platform. 8 years of work experience in the USA. GitHub:
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NévKoller Peter
RégióBudapest vagy környéke
Preferált helyBudapest és környéke.
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Születési év1984
Legmagasabb végz.Középfokú
Intézmény, szakKós Károly SZKI 1999-2001
Általános információk
Iskolák, végzettségek (tól-ig, intézmény, szak, szakirány, egyéb) 
Apple Customer Care Support Training at SITEL
CompTIA A+ /COMP001008849515/ (Book and Certification)
CompTIA Network+ (Book)
Heads First HTML5 Programming (Book)
Heads First C#, 3rd Edition (Book)
MCTS 70 511 (Book)
MCTS 70515 (Book)
Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 (Book)
MCTS 70 516 (Book)
 Év (időtartam)CégSzerepkörLeírás
 2015- (6 hó)Freeway Entertainment Kft. (HU)IT ManagerAs the IT manager for the
company with 40 users, including 5 remote branches in different countries. I supervised all IT
related operations from the smallest issue to major infrastructure upgrades.
- Handled help desk issues, and delegated accordingly to the technician team
- Managed all IT related projects, including replacements of all the workstations, SharePoint
server upgrade, implement in-house helpdesk, custom SharePoint pages to collect data
from users
- Coordinated with business regarding maintenance, changes, and business impacting
- Liaised with different vendors regarding services, and hardware purchases
- Developed a Loan Calculator for custom loans, written in C# as a Windows Forms
 2013- (22 hó)Credit One Bank (US)Desktop Technician IIAs a critical member of a small technician
team maintained over 500 computers and supported close to 400 users, assisted the Windows
System Administrators with minor tasks, created and updated technical documentation, and
handled daily “ ̋break-fix”
- Fulfilled Help Desk roles by providing access to users, handled and validated access
- Provided “One on One” training to users to overcome technical challenges
- Part of the Desktop Support roles planned and deployed to a massive number of
computers various changes, patches, applications, and configuration using Powershell v3,
ESET Remote Administration Server, and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
- Built and maintained various versions of system images to fulfil the needs of the different
departments by quickly re-deploy critically impaired workstations.
- Controlled and regularly supervised the environment’s Antivirus conditions, patching
needs, and overall system health.
- Enforced and regularly revised system and user policies to adhere the strict standards of
the banking industry.
 2012- (7 hó)Wynn Resorts (US)Helpdesk SupportProviding full scale assistance for couple of thousands users as part of a team. Handling accounts for several
proprietary applications.
- Supporting AD accounts, user verifications, account unlock, password resets.
- Maintained close communication with NOC technicians to screen possible system
outages. Alerted team members in times of system downtime, gathered relevant
information to support the troubleshooting and root cause analysis.
- Provided troubleshooting and application support for all users in the environment with their
day to days PC tasks.
- Enforced and followed corporate policies and procedures maintaining the highest
standards of security as set out by the corporation.
 2011- (18 hó)SupportSpace (US)Remote Support TechnicianProviding remote tech support as an independent contractor mostly for GeekSquad customers. Using LogMeIn Rescue, and TeamViewer remote tools.
- Supported all the common Windows Operating systems and MacOSX as well.
- Troubleshooting printer and software issues
- Removing virus infections.
- Assisting consumer electronic devices.
 2010- (5 hó)SITEL (US)Technical supportTechnical support for Apple iOS campaign. Handling calls for different Apple products.
 2010- (11 hó)SITEL (US)Site System Support.Site System Support. Overseeing close to 500 PC, 200 Apple iMac’s and 20 servers. As an administrator handling great responsibility on a day to day
- Install PC’s and other hardware peripherals, operating systems, software applications as well as handled problem resolution and answered user questions and concerns through the corporate ticketing systems, which included providing answers to questions and resolving problems for clients in person, via phone or from a remote location.
- Provided support for desktop computer systems with Windows XP, Windows 7 client systems. Also, with Windows Server 2003, and 2008 and network peripherals.
- Worked with network and application engineers to ensure high end user satisfaction in a call center environment. And completed MS Active Directory tasks as requested by the engineer team.
- Enforced and followed corporate policies and procedures maintaining the highest standards of security as set out by the corporation.
- Hands-on role maintaining the functions of the site which included support for the facility’s LAN, maintaining the network hardware and software; configuration including MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 (for Mac), WebShell, Internet Explorer, WebEx, Java, Adobe software family, RightNow.
- Maintenance and upgrading all site servers; monitoring and performing all data backup and recovery processes; setting up login and e-mail accounts.
- Through GFI Monitoring software, maintained system configuration to ensure data integrity as required.
 2009- (8 hó)Tech2U (US)Computer TechnicianAt Tech2U I learned a lot to advance my knowledge in computer maintenance and repair. Fixed hardware and software problems with residential computers.
 2008- (8 hó)PC Club (US)Computer TechnicianAs a Computer Technician of PC Club I had a chance for the first time to make living of my personal experience what I earned through the years of a beloved hobby and passion to Information Technology.
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