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Consultant - virtualisation
Expert Consultant on the virtualisation field with in-depth experience of VMware and Microsoft virtualisation solutions and linked technologies.
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 2015- (2016 hó) kapcs.felvétel után Senior ArchitectSenior Architect working on various aspects of a major client infrastructure migration project.
Responsibilities included
Working as part of an international team (colleagues from Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Slovakia)
Infrastructure assessment for the client (including software and hardware solutions, size, etc.) on satellite and central sites
Providing architecture, high level designs for server and application migration and presenting them to customer representatives
Taking part in and often leading face-to-face meetings with customer representatives (management and IT experts) via phone conferences and also on site
Implementation planning
Refining existing company processes and standards to deliver quality servies for clients
Taking part in Architecture Board meetings and providing input for technical decisions
Raising customer trust via prompt and accurate responses on technical questions
Ensuring that gathered information and documentation meets company standards
 2013- (24 hó) kapcs.felvétel után Senior ConsultantSenior Consultant participating in projects for high profile clients in the City of London such as financial institutions.

Responsibilites included

Day to day communication with the key decision makers/stakeholders
Assessment of the problem and possible solutions (including integration with the existing in-house environment)
Evaluating/selecting the right solution for the problem
Providing proof of concepts, architecture, high level designs
Managing connections with third party solution providers
Detailed documentation during the various phases of a project
Regular presentations for the client audience (up to CTO level)
Implementation planning (including time and cost calculations as well as low level designs) and coordinated execution
Building a good working relationship and trust with the client IT staff
Coordinating/Leading small teams and mentoring junior team members

Project examples
Hybrid cloud solution assessment (Microsoft Azure, commercial property management company)
Hybrid cloud planning (Amazon AWS, major financial company)
Server estate virtualisation (with Microsoft SCVMM, major financial company)
Virtualised desktop deployment (Citrix Xen, private bank)
 2011- (24 hó) kapcs.felvétel után IT Manager/ConsultantA mixed role of IT Manager responsibilities for all aspects of the infrastructure and Technical Lead/Systems Engineer for implementation of various projects.
For clients
Consulting: virtualized infrastructue design, implementation and documentation from outlining the business requirements to handover
Within the Company
running an IaaS platform on completely virtualized environment (VMware ESXi 5.0/5.1 + vCenter Server + vCloud Director running on HP server hardware and NetApp storage)
taking part in all aspects of Company IT planning: capacity, growth, pricing, etc. and supporting the Business with detailed information
working with all elements of the infrastructure (from installing new virtual hosts to troubleshooting storage, vCenter server, vCenter SQL database, VMware Update Manager, vCloud Director Cells and database), hardware monitoring (using HP Insight Control plugins, Nagios, Zabbix and Cacti), storage provisioning/maintenance/troubleshooting, capacity planning/forecasts, gold image creation and deployment, backup planning and configuration (capacity, schedule, etc.) using VEEAM Backup and Replication
project works: initial build of the virtual infrastructure from the ground up (hosts, vCenter Server, MS SQL database, hardware and services monitoring etc.), VMware vCloud implementation (v1.0 and v1.5), Zabbix server installation,
Disaster recovery and capacity planning,
documentation: detailed documentation for all activities/operations, creating internal policies for the Company, documentation for customer projects from initial surveys to project handovers
maintaining contact with all suppliers/vendors and 3rd parties (Microsoft, VMware, VEEAM, NetApp, SoftCat) for licensing, software trials, licensing reports, etc.
 2009- (24 hó) kapcs.felvétel után Windows/VMware Systems EngineerWindows/VMware systems engineer for physical and virtualized Windows systems covering 3rd line support and project/engineering work in a hosted environment.
Hosted environment: in multiple datacenters, 400+ standalone servers, HP Blade systems, virtualized servers (VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0-4.1),
Project works: VMware vCenter database migration, fully automated Windows server deployment system (WDS, design and implementation), WSUS OS patching system (design and implementation), AD-HP iLO authentication integration, Symantec Netbackup proof of concept and performance testing, Active Directory domain upgrade from 2003 to 2008 R2, Exchange upgrade from 2003 to 2010, SQL server installation/maintenance for VirtualCenters (2005, 2008 R2), central antivirus solution rollout (Kaspersky Antivirus), Active Directory Schema modification, etc.
Windows server installation, troubleshooting, performance tuning (all versions from 2000 to 2008 R2),
Virtual Server creation, data storage provisioning (3PAR SAN), installation, performance tuning, migration, resource allocation (through VMware VirtualCenter),
Active Directory – account administration, integration with other systems, GPO and permission management, replication troubleshooting, services migrations, DNS and DHCP administration,
Server monitoring using HP Insight, Nagios, etc,
Documentation: existing infrastructure, support/troubleshooting processes, Microsoft and Vmware licensing reports,
3rd line support as the Windows expert within the organization.
 2008- (5 hó) kapcs.felvétel után IT Support Specialistresponsible for multiple sites around London, I supported a Windows-based environment (the internal IT infrastructure of the company):
Supporting Server and desktop systems (XP, 2003, 2008 servers, BlackBerry, TCP/IP network), Active Directory administration for more than 800 users, group administration, remote tools: RDP, Citrix sessions, VNC server hardware installation/maintenance: manufactured by DELL, PowerEdge servers, tape drives, etc., acting as IT contact to management and 3rd parties, transforming business needs to IT requirements in close work with management, project work: server migration from 2003 to 2008, implementing backup solutions, virtualization, file server migration, network extension, creating new site infrastructure, tasks: 2nd/3rd line support from desktop to servers and networking: file servers, printing, network troubleshooting, messaging – Outlook/Exchange, OS installation, HW maintenance, backup and restore operations (with Backup Exec), working together with 3rd parties, etc.
 2006- (20 hó) kapcs.felvétel után Infrastructure Analyst – Systems engineerMember of a dedicated engineer team which planned, developed, tested, and finally implemented complex solutions to satisfy various customer requests.
global clients: Vodafone, ENI, etc. engineering work dedicated directly to solution planning/testing/documentation, took part during the whole lifecycle of the projects, collaboration with foreign colleagues from UK, Italy, Germany by phone and e-mail, various assignments: Windows XP desktop rollout test, „proof of concept” testing of a network solution (RDP, ftp), central antivirus (McAfee ePO), strict rules to documentation, great attention to details, test environment maintenance and configuration (DELL servers, virtualized servers, AD), Windows 2008 server installation/configuration in test environment During these assignments, I constantly learned and took various Microsoft exams, achieving MCSE certification. The company placed great emphasis on the training and certification of the engineers, therefore I completed week-long training courses, (2003 networking, upgrade course from 2003 to 2008 server), as well as a DELL server hardware course.
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