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Golang Developer USA
We are looking for a Senior Golang Developer to join our team. We are a financial service company in the US looking for a skilled Golang expert to join our team in order to help develop backend web services for our next generation credit portal.
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NévInidea Consulting
RégióBudapest vagy környéke
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Tasks and deliveries:
- Build RESTful web services in Golang to be consumed by single page application(s).
- Use Golang best practices to help us optimize for developer productivity, reliability, and scalability.
- Implement business logic using both code and MSSQL stored procedures.
- Provide comprehensive unit and functional testing for all routes, endpoints, and features.
- Mentor and coach existing development team on Golang standards, tooling, and best practices.
- All services built will need to run in a containerized Linux environment in Docker and Kubernetes.
- Propose and implement caching mechanisms such as Redis to help us provide the fastest experience possible to our customers / web visitors.
- Participate in daily standup calls with the development team and project managers.
Required experience:
- Significant Golang experience building web and mobile backend services.
- Usage of Redis for caching, message and job queues, etc.
- Strong javascript skills both client side and server side (NodeJS) to foster strong communication between varied project development teams.
- Experience as a team lead and mentoring junior Golang developers.
- MSSQL database using stored procedures from Golang.
- Building automated tests for both functions and service endpoints.
Nice to have:
- Using grpc via protobuf to accelerate communication between micro-services.
- Frontend experience consuming RESTful web services using any framework (React, Angular, etc).
- Understanding of credit bureaus, credit reports, and credit related products.
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This is a full-time position. Working hours are from Monday to Friday. We prefer 40 hours per week. We accept applications only who can work in EST time zone and speaks english fluently
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Egyéb nyelvek/alkalmazások - Egyéb nyelvekGOLANG, Rest, MSSQL, Redis,Linux, Docker, Kubernetes,Javascript, Nodejs, grpc microservices, protobuf
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